Ready to change the way you lead in just three days?

Being your most authentic self in corporate America can feel nearly impossible. In an environment where perfection is the standard, bringing your true self to work, imperfections and all, feels like a daunting task.

If you’re looking to drop your mask, save time in your day, and finally find the elusive work-life balance you’ve heard about, then it’s time to start your journey towards authentic leadership. The best place to start? Right here, with the FREE 3-Day Authenticity Challenge.


MBW Authenticity Challenge

How Do I join?

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How does it work?

Because this challenge is meant to impact the way you lead at work, Day 1 of the challenge will hit your inbox the following Monday morning. What better way to start your work week than taking your first step towards authenticity?

What can I expect?

You can expect three days of simple tasks that are applicable enough for your average workday, but impactful enough to change your life. Sounds good, right?