You’ve officially completed the 3-Day Authenticity Challenge and are well on your way to leading and living with authenticity! If the last three days have challenged you to go outside your comfort zone, you’re not alone. Be encouraged that you’re just beginning a journey that will change your life and how you lead.



What’s Next?

  • Find a friend, family, or coworker who you think would benefit from this three-day challenge and share your experience. Invite them to join you in the journey by sending them to

  • Ready to keep making progress on your journey to being a more authentic leader? If you benefited from the three simple tasks I asked of you over the last few days, then I’d love for you to join me in the Authenticity Tribe Membership, a community of leaders growing in authenticity and supporting each other along the way. You’ll have access to tailored content built with leaders like you in mind, exclusive live group coaching sessions with Michael, and more.

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