Authentic Leadership Report


Authentic Leadership Report


The first step in becoming a more authentic leader is gaining a better understanding of the role authenticity currently plays in your life. How authentic are you on a daily basis when faced with typical work situations and stressors?

The Authentic Leadership Report helps you grow your self-awareness and gain practical next-steps to becoming a more authentic leader.

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The Authentic Leadership Report includes:

  • 20 comprehensive questions to understand your current state of authenticity in 5 Key Areas: Time, Growth, Confidence, Connection, and Perspective

  • Your Authenticity Score, showing your current state of authenticity

  • Areas of improvement based on your results

  • Next-steps designed specifically to help you start living your most authentic life

Through the Authentic Leadership Report, you’ll walk away with:

  • An extensive 9 page report walking you through your results

  • Increased self-awareness

  • A better understanding of ways that you currently act authentically and areas that could use improvement, with frequency

  • Confidence in how to start further integrating Authentic Leadership into your everyday life