MBW 3P Virtual Coaching

MBW Standing Shows Hands Sept 2019.jpg
MBW Standing Shows Hands Sept 2019.jpg

MBW 3P Virtual Coaching

39.00 every month

Want to be coached by MBW? Want hands on guidance on how to live and lead with the 3 Principles?

Introducing…..MBW Virtual Coaching:

  • “MBW in your pocket” - Ask MBW a question at any time, day or night via Marco Polo (mobile app)

  • You along with other coaching clients will be able to anonymously ask MBW questions

  • MBW answers questions via video in front of the whole group

  • This method allows you to benefit from everyone’s questions

  • MBW Virtual Coaching is over 90% cheaper than traditional 1x1 coaching

  • In addition you will have access to a library of previously answered questions

*MBW will strive to answer as many questions as possible depending on volume.