Mask Free Living Series

EPISODE 1 | Finding Your Superpower
What if your superpower was hiding in plain sight? As a young CEO, my peers and mentors told me that choosing to love my employees was naive, expensive, and excessive. I started to second guess myself and question if I was cut out to be a leader...but turns out my unique approach to leadership was actually my competitive advantage.

EPISODE 2 | Ask the Stupid Question
Have you ever felt the fear of asking a 'stupid' question when everyone else in the room is nodding their heads? As a new CEO, I found myself in a meeting where everyone was nodding, but I had no idea what the presenter was talking about.

EPISODE 3 | Speaking Your Truth
What would happen if you had the courage to speak your truth and didn't worry about what everyone else thought? I'm taking you back to my days in rehab when I busted another addict for having drugs in his room. In that moment, I didn't know what would happen next and my mind was racing with questions.

EPISODE 4 | Cost of Authenticity
What's the cost of taking off your mask, being authentic, and sharing your true self with the world? Being authentic sounds awesome, right? Yet, a lot of us worry about the potential negative consequences that come with taking off the mask and being vulnerable, especially in our professional lives.

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