Mask Free Living Series

EPISODE 1 | Finding Your Superpower
What if your superpower was hiding in plain sight? As a young CEO, my peers and mentors told me that choosing to love my employees was naive, expensive, and excessive. I started to second guess myself and question if I was cut out to be a leader...but turns out my unique approach to leadership was actually my competitive advantage.

EPISODE 2 | Ask the Stupid Question
Have you ever felt the fear of asking a 'stupid' question when everyone else in the room is nodding their heads? As a new CEO, I found myself in a meeting where everyone was nodding, but I had no idea what the presenter was talking about.

EPISODE 3 | Speaking Your Truth
What would happen if you had the courage to speak your truth and didn't worry about what everyone else thought? I'm taking you back to my days in rehab when I busted another addict for having drugs in his room. In that moment, I didn't know what would happen next and my mind was racing with questions.

EPISODE 4 | Cost of Authenticity
What's the cost of taking off your mask, being authentic, and sharing your true self with the world? Being authentic sounds awesome, right? Yet, a lot of us worry about the potential negative consequences that come with taking off the mask and being vulnerable, especially in our professional lives.

EPISODE 5 | Pursuing Your Dreams
What's stopping you from pursing your dreams? Fear can stand in our way when we think about pursuing our dreams. We are afraid of failure or afraid we don't know how to make the dream happen. You aren't alone.

EPISODE 6 | How to Surrender and Win
What if I told you that you can surrender and still win? Jack's company was growing and thriving, yet fear was keeping him up at night because he was focused on all the things outside his control. Sound familiar? Here's where to focus your energy so that you can gain a competitive advantage only 10% of leaders are utilizing.

EPISODE 7 | How to Overcome Self Doubt
How can we overcome everyone's opinions while staying true to ourselves? The world today invites anyone and everyone to give you their unsolicited opinions. I mean think about it, there is a "comments" section on nearly everything. For me, what people "might" think can take up so much valuable headspace.

EPISODE 8 | How I Got 5 Promotions in 1 Month
How did I get 5 promotions in 1 month? Not through hard work. Not through smart work. It was through doing the uncomfortable work. The uncomfortable work is visceral in nature and something we instinctually want to avoid. Today I'm sharing a time when living through those feelings paid off.

EPISODE 9 | When It’s Ok to be an A-Hole
What if I told you being an asshole can make other people feel safe? Sounds strange, I get it. This story is when I asked my then girlfriend (now wife) if she was excited to meet my friends and family and she said, "No". Total asshole kind of answer right?

EPISODE 10 | How to Tell Your Team You “Don’t Know”
How do you tell someone (or your team) you "don't know" what you are doing? It can be a lonely feeling when your team is looking to you for the answers, but you have no idea what the right next step is.

EPISODE 11 | Who is Renting Your Headspace?
How do you kick out the asshole renting your headspace? It's not easy. We all find ourselves struggling with this, so you aren't alone. This week I am sharing my friend's story of when he was trying to be of service, but one particular difficult personality was getting in his head.


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