Saturday, November 16
9am - 4pm

Nashville, TN
Location TBA

$349 per person
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Do you feel like you’re constantly hiding your true self to impress others…
at your job, while building a business, or even leading your team?

Are you are playing the “fake it til you make it” game at work and you’re sick of it?

Are you stressed, uninspired, and looking to make a change in your professional life?


Take your career into your own hands and reclaim balance, energy, and success at the Lead Mask Free Workshop!


Learn Michael Brody-Waite’s 3 Principles of Mask Free Leadership that saved him from death, addiction, and homelessness and set him apart as a founder and leader of a company on the Inc. 500 list.

These principles are small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to change your life.

You’ll learn how tapping into what Michael calls, “masked behaviors” will enable you to be more authentic so you get more of what you want in work and life. In this workshop, you’ll see what’s possible when you choose to live and lead Mask Free and the competitive advantages you gain when working this leadership system.

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  1. Identify your “masked behaviors” and your opportunities to live and lead more authentically.

  2. Quantify the cost of your “masked behaviors” and the impact on you personally and professionally.

  3. Apply the Mask Free Leadership system and know HOW to take off the masks hindering your success.

  4. Develop your 4x6 Mask Free Action Card to start transforming your life immediately.


You’ll walk out of the workshop not only inspired, but equipped with HOW to transform your life.



This personalized 9-page report is designed specifically to identify areas of improvement and next steps to start living your most authentic life.


8 hours of teaching a simple but life-changing new leadership system that will help you get more of what you want in work and life.

Mask Free Leadership Action Card

4x6 laminated Action Card, which will be your guide to immediate improvements you can make after the workshop.

The Sponsor

Coaching from Michael Brody-Waite on what areas you can most benefit from Mask Free Leadership and the competitive advantages you gain as an individual and leader.

The Society

Pair breakout sessions and a group of 20+ people who are experiencing similar challenges in their lives. Experience sharing and teamwork that can last beyond the workshop.

Q&A Discussion

Dedicated time to work through specific questions with the group.


+ Anyone who is struggling with expressing themselves fully in the professional world

+ Anyone looking to Advance Their Career, Build a Business, or Lead a Team more successfully

+ YOU! Any person can benefit from Michael Brody-Waite’s Mask Free Leadership System. It doesn’t matter if you are an executive, business owner, individual contributor, manager, or new to the role. This system will help you lead others more effectively, but even more importantly, will teach you how to lead yourself to greater success in work and life.

Ready to start leading Mask Free and unlock your potential in work and life?

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